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In 10,000 years time what
will be left behind?
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Welcome to a new public artwork by Something & Son in Milton Keynes

Developed following an intensive and in-depth community engagement programme, Future Fossil by Something & Son (Andy Merritt and Paul Smyth) is a new public artwork located in Oxley Park, Milton Keynes.

Inspired by archaeology, the passing of time, our relationship to the natural world, home and future ways of living; Future Fossil features a life-size negative cast, taken from a section of a typical Oxley Park house, creating a new public space, where community activities and cultural programmes can be enjoyed.

Download Free Future Fossil Art Packs. Future Fossil will commence on-site in May 2023 and we are working towards an opening ceremony in September 2023.

We forget the planet is still home to 8 million other species that also call Earth home’.

What will the world look like ten thousand or ten million years from now?’

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We wanted the sculpture in its own little way to start to bring the people 
and nature closer together – to build a house for all.’ Artist Andy Merritt 

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Are we living fossils destined to go extinct?

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